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With our mild winter here in Indiana (so far), I've been able to get out and do some shooting.  I'm concentrating on State Parks or nature preserves  relatively close to home.

I discovered a rather sizable preserve in Fishers called Richey Woods.  For an urban setting, the preserve has a lot to offer including woods, steams, grasslands and a swamp.  When I was there, I didn't see much wildlife activity, but I'm looking forward to re-visiting it once spring actually starts.

Last weekend I took a trip out to Turkey Run State Park.  I had visited the park probably 12 years ago (before I got interested in photography).  Shortly after arriving at the park, I hooked up with a DNR person.  He told me that they had baited a field in the park with deer carcases hoping to draw in area eagles and buzzards.  I found a parking space across the field and  armed myself with the 75-300 mm L F4 lens.  After a half an hour of no birds, I headed out to explore the rest of the park.

On my way out of the park, I decided to give it one more shot.  After arriving at the parking lot, I found a number of "weekend warriors" actually poking around at the deer carcases.  So much for bird watching on that day.

On Friday of this week I headed out to Shades State Park.  It is located about 6 miles north of Turkey Run.  I spent about four hours hiking about the park in search of wild life.  Again, it was a pretty day and a great hike, but no wildlife.

I must say, I'm really impressed by Shades SP.  It's very large and has a wide range of landscape.  I'm looking forward to coming back again when things start to green up.


First and foremost, Season's Greetings to everyone.  Here in Central Indiana, the weather has been (to put it mildly) strange.  In fact, I was out mowing the grass on the 22nd of December.  Just to put things into perspective, usually at this time of the year our daily high temperatures are around 32F (0C) and we usually have snow on the ground.  The snowblower is gassed up just in case we actually have a winter this year.

For several months I've been agonizing on the DSLR body upgrade.  I was strongly leaning toward the 5D Miii body.  But given that the body is now into it's 3rd or 4th year of production, I've decided on going the 5DS-R route.  Quite a bit of cash when I do the upgrade but I think it's the best option going forward.  It'll give me the 50 mega pixel resolution and the other features that accompany the 5DS-R. 

Because of the resolution on the new body, I will probably have to upgrade one of my L series lenses.  My 17-40L f4 USM may need to be replaced by the new 16-35L f4 USM IS lens.  I think that the 5DS-R may be a bit intolerant of free hand shooting with a non IS lens.  I'll make the final lens upgrade decision after I get the 5DS-R.

I'm also going to be upgrading my filters.  I'm going to replace the 77mm UV filters with B&W filters.  Additionally, I'm planning on getting   B&W  Neutral Density filters.

I'm quite excited about the upgrades mentioned above.  I'm looking forward to the 2016 shooting season.




Utah Road Trip - Fall 2016

We're in the early stages of planning our road trip to Utah in the fall of 2016.  We hope to stay in-state at least 2 weeks.  So far, we've got the 5 national parks in our sites along with the Navajo Reservation Monuments.  We'll probably be adding a few Utah State Parks to our itinerary as well.  As we research this trip the excitement is growing already.

In preparation for the trip, I picked up a set of graduated neutral density filters.  I'll be adding this to my areas that I need to become proficient in before the trip.

We're just completing fall here in central Indiana.  Fall is absolutely my favorite time of the year.  This year I've been able to get out and do some shooting in area parks.  The trees are just about bare now so we'll have to wait for the winter shooting season.


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